Other Sports Activities

Playing for fun! We are a SOCIAL sports league; our goal is to provide a social atmosphere. Our games are competitive, but the focus is on having a great time. If you’re ultra competitive, we may not be the league for you.  If you’re a casual player; looking to get into a new sport; tired of win-at-all-costs leagues; looking to make connections and have some fun – we’re for you.

Professional staffs. Having professional referees and staffs to ensure fair play during our games is something we pride ourselves on, and one thing that sets us apart from other Sports Clubs.

Knowing your game times. All games are played within the time frame given on the registration page. We try our best to evenly divide the schedule, although sometimes it is not possible.

Meeting and mingling with the other teams in the league…and of course, bonding with your own.

… If It Rains:

To still play! Expect for your game to always be on; when in doubt, call the Rainout Line. Due to the limited availability of park space and permits we try our best to get all games in whenever possible. If it’s raining / snowing, we are still playing. Only in cases of severe weather (lighting, blizzards, etc.) will we postpone our games.

… From Us:

To help find the right sport for you to play.
To receive all information regarding your leagues and any special events.
To handle all correspondence with your Team Captains. Captains are the main point of contact for the league and your team; if you have an issue or concerns, please have your captain reach out to us.
To maintain our No Refund and Guarantee policies.
To make sure fun is had by all!


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